One-minute film contest on the “Health Impact of Heatwaves and Risk Management”


On 29 May 2023, within the framework of the EU-funded Twinning Project “Support in Implementation of Health Impact Assessment Practice in Georgia”, following the initiative of partner organizations, “Expertise France” and the “Finish Institute for Health and Welfare”, one-minute film contest on the “Health Impact of Heatwaves and Risk Management” was announced for the civil society.

Seven short movies from individuals were presented to the Project and results of the contest were summarized by the Commission composed of communication specialists, environmental, environmental health and health promotion specialists from France, Finland and Georgia.
The movie shot by Ms Tamar Zarqua has been selected as the winner of the contest. Her short –film conveys the main health recommendations in simple language and concise manner on how to protect ourselves and take care of others during heatwaves.

The expected impacts of climate change for Georgia include more frequent, intense and prolonged heatwaves, especially in large cities (Tbilisi, Telavi, Zugdidi), which primarily affects the vulnerable population. In the period 2020-2049, the number of warm hot and very hot days are expected to increase in these cities.

Research conducted in 2019 by the National Centers for Disease Control and Public Health revealed that it is necessary to increase the level of public awareness about heat protection so that the population can better protect their health from impacts of heatwaves.
The Twinning Project expresses its gratitude to the participants for their creativity and demonstrating the expected negative impact of heatwaves on human health.
Protect yourself from the heat and help others!