Strategic Goals of Public Health Municipal Centers


  • Surveillance of communicable/non-communicable diseases; assessment of the condition of the population’s health;
  • Monitoring of public health risk factors and immediate response during emergencies; coordination with central agencies;
  • Facilitation of environmental, occupational, potable water and food safety;
  • Improvement of health by addressing health inequalities and social determinants of health;
  • Early detection and prevention of diseases;
  • Organizing and working with the population, community representatives, and vulnerable groups in order to communicate health and welfare related issues;
  • Developing, motivating, and sustaining qualified human resources;
  • Improvement of the organization and structure of the public health system, obtaining adequate funding and ensuring the availability of public health services and products; 
  • Advocating health, improving communication, performing educational and informational activities among the population, facilitating and, if required, organizing social mobilization;
  • Conducting and participating in research activities for implementing evidence-based health care policy and practice.