Ministerial in Ostrava.


The Ministerial was guided under the European Environment and Health process, through the participation of the Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and other partner organizations. The conference was attended by the Ministers of Member States in the European Region of the World Health Organization responsible for the Environment and health, the heads of relevant agencies, experts and representatives of NGOs. In the Conference also participated NCDC Deputy General Director Irma Khonelidze, Head of Environment and Health Division of the Center Nana Gabriadze and Head of International Relations Division of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture Nino Gokhelashvili.  The Georgian delegation led by NCDC General Director Mr. Amiran Gamkrelidze participated in the 6th Ministerial Conference of Environment and Health hosted by the Government of the Czech Republic on 13-15 June 2017 in Ostrava.

At the plenary session on "Environment and Health in the European Region - Current Situation and Prospects" Mr. Amiran Gamkrelidze in his speech introduced the recent progress on environment and health in Georgia, trends, which still remains a challenge for the country and presented in the Action Plans of environment and health.

At the end of the Ministerial Conference the Ostrava Declaration was adopted to assist Member States to shape policies and actions on environment and health, support the implementation of effective evidence-based policies and advance actions on environment, health and well-being in the WHO European Region.

Conference materials can be found in the following link: