Enforcement of 100% smoke-free policy in healthcare institutions and secondary schools of Georgia


11.Project name: Enforcement of 100% smoke-free policy in healthcare institutions and secondary schools of Georgia; The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Inc., (The Union – North America); Project duration: 01.02.2012 – 31.01.2014 (No cost extension till 01.07.2014)

 Project Summary

 a).Project Objectives

To enforce existing smoke-free legislation as a key step towards becoming compliant with Article 8 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and to strive for greater acceptance of smoke-free places in Georgia.

Objective1:        To promote the success of smoke-free policy to date and increase protection of the public from tobacco smoke.

To strengthen implementation of smoke-free legislation in key institutions and build the capacity of managers, health care professionals and others to promote more extensive smoke-free areas.


b). Project implementation:

Activity 1.1:        Meetings with experts to achieve agreement on final version of amendment in Administrative Offense Code of Georgia

Activity 1.2:        Exhibition in Parliament of Georgia regarding smoking harm to initiate and support process of changes in Administrative Offense Code

Activity 2.1:         Promotion of successful institutions

Activity 2.2.         National conference on tobacco or health

Activity 3.1.         Training representatives of enforcement agencies for the healthcare and education sectors

Activity 3.2.         Disclosure of violations of the smoking prohibition in healthcare facilities and secondary schools

Activity 3.3.         Awareness building of target institutions for implementation of smoking ban


c). Expected results

Elaboration of the final version of the draft amendments to the Criminal Code on the tobacco law and submission to the Government:

Strengthening the smoke-free policies in medical and educational institutions;
Smoking ban sustainability in successful institutions
Strengthening the mechanisms of smoking ban
Raising awareness of interested organizations and the executive agencies regarding the tobacco industry changes
Expansion of the scope of the project
Improving protection of the population towards the secondhand smoking