Main Activities and Services


Laboratory Support Stations (LSSs) are mainly responsible for collection, packaging, and transportation of samples suspected for EDPs to Zonal Diagnostic Laboratories (ZDLs), and perform some bacteriology/serology testing.
ZDLs perform preliminary tests for some EDPs (Brucellosis and Anthrax) and general bacteriology/serology tests. All EDP related samples are sent to the Lugar Center for final confirmation in BSL-3 and strain input into the National Repository.
NCDC Lugar Center serves as a referral laboratory not only for EDPs but for other important diseases, it has the following capacity: BSL-3 laboratories with the repository of EDPs, genomic center, bacteriology, serology, molecular biology, virology, parasitology, cell culture, entomology, and a vivarium. Three laboratories at Lugar Center are accredited by WHO (polio, influenza, measles/rubella) and four others are the members of WHO Lab networks (Rota virus, Invasive Meningitis, Malaria, Salmonellosis). NCDC Lugar Center is in the process of preparing documentation for applying to obtain the status of a WHO collaborative center for emerging infectious diseases. In the nearest future we hope Lugar Center will become the First Center of Excellence in the Region in Biosurveillance and Research.

Even though all public health laboratories are spread throughout the country they are able to share information rapidly and accurately. Based on the One Health concept, information entered in the Electronic Infectious Disease Surveillance System (EIDSS) is visible for both NCDC and Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture (LMA) laboratory networks. This helps to better coordinate surveillance and data sharing of human and animal disease cases.