Project Title:  Microbiological Monitoring of Uranium-tailing regions of Kyrgyz Republic, ISTC; KR- 2088; Project duration:  01.01.2015- 01.07.2015

 Project summary

 a). goal: the main goal of the project is collaboration with institute of biotechnology of National academy of science of Kyrgyz Republic, within the scope of regional integration of National Centre of Disease Control and Public Health. NCDC-Lugar Centre is subcontractor of ISTC in the project. At Lugar Centre will be performed whole genome sequencing and metagenomic analysis of DNA samples from uranium tailing regions of Kyrgyzstan. 

Also, will be conducted training session in whole genome sequencing and data analysis for our colleagues from Biotechnology Institute of Kyrgyzstan.

b). Project implementation plan:project participant scientists from Biotechnology Institute of National Science Academy of Kyrgyz republic will perform DNA extractions from metagenomic samples. For each sample will be conducted PCR (polymerase chain reaction) for 16S ribosomal RNA, using specifically designed primers. Amplification products will be sent in Georgia, at Lugar Centre for further processing. First step would be 16S RNA run on Illumina MiSeq platform. Based on 16S RNA sequence run data analysis will be selected certain amount of samples for whole genome sequencing. 

c). Expected results:  this is first metagenomic project at National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health as well as for the county – Georgia. Based on project results will be prepared peer reviewed publication(s) and published in international journals.  That is first collaboration between NCDC and institute of Biotechnology of Kyrgyzstan in collaboration with our partners for United States of America – Los Alamos National Lab.

The project success will be a solid foundation for further cooperation with scientists of the Kyrgyz Republic as well as other countries of Central Asia.