Online Consultancy Sessions on COVID-19 for Pregnant Women


The National Center for Disease Control and Public Health with the support of the UNICEF Georgia is implementing a new project, aimed at increasing awareness of pregnant women during of COVID-19 pandemic, through conducted online consultancy sessions.

The pregnant women are given a remarkable chance to address questions and consult with the gynecologist in the course of 2 hours, through online platform. The virtual educational session unites up to 30 women with the same pregnancy term. The anonymity of the participants is protected, giving the pregnant the choice of appearing on the camera or not.

The distant sessions grant possibility to consult with the doctors for a longer period, virtually communicate with other pregnant women, listen to their questions and enroll in discussions, which, in the period of social distancing, is especially important. 

In the opening of the session, the doctor will provide information about the general statistics of infected pregnant women with coronavirus and the existing experience. The session will include discussions about the course of the pregnancy during GOVID-19 infection and how to avoid possible risks for the fetus and the infant, followed by questions from the participants on the issues of their interest, which they could not address to their personal doctors, due to the lack of consultancy time or other related reasons.

The sessions provide a unique opportunity to get detailed information about the pregnancy, childbirth and immediate postpartum period and most importantly, receive fact and evidence based up-to-date information, free from misinterpretation and false details. Exactly these type of detailed information will be shared with the participants by leading gynecologists. 

While consulting with the doctor, in the course of the session, the pregnant is given freedom to choose language of communications, including Georgian, Russian and Azerbaijan.

The project already enrolls pregnant women from Tbilisi and the regions, who have participated in the online sessions. Moreover, its planned to include all pregnant women, who have addressed the women consultancy centers for antenatal care.

Thus, please timely register and become the project participant!


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Sessions for Pregnant Women

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