Further evaluation of the implementation of the Rotavirus vaccine in Georgia


Project Title:“Further evaluation of the implementation of the Rotavirus vaccine in Georgia”, WHO; Project duration: 24.03.2014 – 31.03.2014

 Project summary

a). Project objectives: Improvement of the coverage data by Rotavirus vaccine and therefore, other antigens; identification of the problem and planning of the necessary interventions.

b) Project  Implementation: Based on the recommendations of the WHO, 6 regions will be selected in light of the level of coverage of vaccination against rotavirus infection. Among them, will be three regions with less than 60% coverage (target coverage for first year of implementation of the vaccine) (Kvemo Kartli, Tbilisi, Imereti), three regions with more than 60% of coverage (Adjara, Kakheti, Shida Kartli). Deriving from the methodology of evaluation, two districts shall be selected in each region with the same principle – according to the level of coverage, 10 regions in total – Kaspi, Kareli, Shuakhevi, Batumi, Gardabani, Rustavi, Dedoplistskaro, Kvareli, Chiatura, Kutaisi; and 2 districts in Tbilisi – Old Tbilisi and Vake-Saburtalo. Together with 8 specialists from NCDC, 4 international consultants from the central office of the WHO, as well as European region of the WHO and Centre of Disease Control of the USA will participate in the evaluation.

c) Expected results: identification of problems, planning actions and developing recommendations.