Seminar on «Global Health Diplomacy»


On 9th - 10th December, 2019 WHO Regional Office for Europe in collaboration with the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia and LEPL National Center for Disease Control and Public Health will organize a two day seminar on «Global Health Diplomacy» for mid and senior policy makers and the representatives of academia.
Increasing relevance of health issues in today's political arenaand its inclusion into high-level meetings’ agenda have led to a connection between diplomacy, politics and public health. At present health and related problems are an integral part of foreign policy and international cooperation and brings together the disciplines of public health, international, management/administration, law, economics and behavioral sciences. Furthermore, health diplomacy is even more relevant to achieving Sustainable Development Goals and contributing to the strengthening of multi-sectoral cooperation.
The aforementioned issue is becoming obvious at global events including global health meetings such as sessions of WHO governing bodies, where representatives of state agencies and international organizations, civil society, foundations and academia all come together to influence the decisions taken on public health.
The seminar will be attended by high-ranking officials from the state agencies and academia. The training will be moderated by the representatives of the World Health Organization, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and local public health experts.