Implementation Status Report "Novel Coronavirus Response in Georgia"


Novel Coronavirus - SARS - CoV 2 emerged in China, in December, 2019 and spread rapidly over the globe. Despite the rapid spread and high coverage, the world scientific community has still very little information about the specificity of the virus. This document is the first summary - implementation status report of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health about the spread of the Novel Coronavirus in the country. The analysis includes the activities conducted by the NCDC, descriptive studies of the first 500 confirmed cases, along with hospitalized and 168 discharged patients. 

 Intensive implementation of preventive / suspension measures against the Novel Coronavirus, detection of the infected through testing and contact tracing / isolation remain the main directions of the epidemic management in the country.

The status report "Novel Coronavirus Response in Georgia" will be updated regularly, once a month.

Novel Coronavirus Situation in Georgia - NCDC Analysis