Workforce Training and Professional Development in Public Health System of Georgia


The role of a public health worker during the COVID-19 pandemic was particularly appraised and recognized, as a front line fighting profession, by the world leading healthcare organizations. However, it needs the continuous professional development and promotion on a level of community and in regards of organizational capacity.  


According to the Global Approaches:


“The Workforce Development in Public Health  - Receiving improved outcomes of healthcare services through  continuous training, developing of skills and increase of productivity among employed cadres”;


“A well-trained public health worker is a basis of the healthy community”;


Due to the above-mentioned, the multisectoral Task Force was created on the basis of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, as a leading PH institution in the country. The main objectives of the Task Force will be focused on elaboration of the competency based analysis for the existing Public Health Workers in the system; development of the National Strategic document and an Action Plan as well as adaptation and introduction of the continuous short-term training programs.

On January 18, 2022 the first expanded meeting of the Task Force was held at the NCDC, where the Director General – Dr. Gamkrelidze introduced the auditorium  the main capacity, weaknesses and challenges of the existing situation of the system and proposed the further discussion on these issues.


The outcomes and information of next meetings of the Task Force will be periodically shared publicly.