Brucellosis is one of the most widespread and economically the most devastating of zoonoses. Although there has been progress in controlling the disease in many countries, there remain regions where the infection persists in domestic animals and, consequently, transmission to the human population frequently occurs. The disease is highly prevalent in Caucasus region.
Cross-Border Collaboration Platform, within One Health approach, will unite epidemiologists, veterinarians, laboratory experts from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to focus on regional perspective of challenges concerning the reduction of burden due to brucellosis.

Objectives of the brucellosis workshop and cross-border meeting: 
• mapping of lab capabilities in terms of brucellosis diagnostics 
• identification of needs for training laboratory personnel/epidemiologists/veterinarians
• information exchange on vaccination and control strategies, with focus on monitoring
• information exchange concerning epidemiological situation

მონაწილეები - Participants::
• French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety—ANSES 
• National Center for Disease Control & Richard Lugar Center for Public Health Research, Georgia
• Laboratory of Ministry of Agriculture, Georgia 
• Republican Anti-Plague Station, Azerbaijan
• State Veterinary Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Azerbaijan 
• Food Safety Agency, Azerbaijan 
• Ministry of Health, Azerbaijan 
• Ministry of Health, Uzbekistan 
• World Health Organization, Azerbaijan 
• Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Turkey 
• Central Reference Laboratory, Kazakhstan