European Immunization Week 2019


Traditionally Georgia joined WHO/Europe and all Member States in the WHO European Region to take part in European Immunization Week (EIW) initiative and on carried out communication campaign to celebrate the event in the country.

Campaign Goal was to increase vaccination coverage by raising awareness of the importance of immunization among parents and caregivers, health care professionals, policy and decision-makers, and the media.

Campaign Core Message was that immunization is vital to prevent diseases and protect life.

The slogan – Prevent. Protect. Immunize.     

Target Audience:

  1. Parents;

  2. Children;

  3. Health Care Workers (HCWs);

  4. Students;

  5. General population.


  1. Press-conference was held at the NCDC on 22 April with the participation of Minister of Health – supported by the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia. Press release and information paper was developed and distributed during the Press-conference and uploaded official websites.

  2. TV media campaign took place during from 20–30 April 2018. Guest speakers were invited on  central and regional TV and radio shows to talk about importance of immunization and all communication activities planned during the campaign were broadcasted. Small video clip with four famous persons’ call for immunization were prepared and broadcasted during the campaign.

  3. Social media campaign was conducted during from 20–30 April using NCDC main and immunization Facebook pages to promote and inform public regarding planned campaign activities and Immunization Facebook pages to educate and increase public awareness about the immunization (posts, blog posts, info graphics and videos). Campaign activities were broadcasted by FB lives. Materials were posted on the WHO Immunize Forum.  

  4. Awareness raising campaigns was conducted throughout the immunization week at education and recreation/entertainment settings, including:

  1. Campaign in Shopping Mall (Tbilisi Mall) took place during immunization week at Tbilisi Mall.

  • Animators were invited for organizing entertainment activities for children such as games, competitions in dancing and face painting.

  • NCDC with volunteers from Tbilisi State Medical University and one of the public/private school students and teachers (10-12 person) distributed all leaflets , balloons and paper bags with EIW logo.

  1. Campaign in Public Service Hall

Students in immunization T-shirts distributed education materials (2 Leaflets, leaflet#1 with immunization massages and schedule, and leaflet#2 - Immunization mobile application user-guide) and posters (stickers) were placed in screening corners and video clips were broadcasted on the screens of the Public Service Halls.