Afghanistan Delegation Visit to Georgia to Study Georgian Hepatitis C Elimination Program


Hepatitis C Elimination Program in Georgia is a subject of great interest, which, among others, is depicted in the study tours to Georgia undertaken by the delegations of different countries’ healthcare institutions.

In the frame of the study tour of in the period of 30th Apr – 3Rd May, 2019, Georgia is visited by the delegation of Afghanistan, which includes the General Director of Prevention and Diseases Control of the Ministry of Public Health, Head of Afghanistan Program for Control of AIDS, STI and Hepatitis, Director of Communicable Disease Control Department at the Ministry of Public Health, Adviser to the Minister of Public Health and UNDP HIV program officer of Afghanistan,

On the 1st of May, at 11:00 AM, the working meeting was held at the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health and the NCDC Director General Mr. Amiran Gamkrelidze presented a general overview about the center’s activities and responsibilities and provided the detailed information regarding the current state of the hepatitis C program. The presentations were also held by the officials, responsible for each direction of the program, such as IT support, screening, integrated screening, infection prevention and control, safe blood, laboratory control, epid surveillance, education and awareness raising etc.

The delegation members will also visit the main service provider clinics of the C Hepatitis Elimination Program, will learn about the policy matters and and discuss the practical issues and meet the representatives of different stakeholders involved in hepatitis elimination process.