Measles What to Remember


Measles is a highly contagious, infectious, vaccine preventable disease. European region is aiming to achieve the elimination of the disease by vaccination of entire population. In the countries, where the immunization coverage is not adequate, the risk of disease spread is still high. Defeat

In Georgia the first wave of measles outbreak over the past 15 years was observed in 2004-2005 and the second measles outbreak was observed in 2013-2015 when intensive preventive measures, restraining the disease spread were directed by the Government of Georgia, which resulted in substantial retention of epidemic in 2016.

Study conducted jointly with US CDC showed that number of non-immune persons is especially high in 20-40 age group, representing 10-15% of this group.

Since the end of 2017 there has been observed the third wave of increase in measles cases. Extensive measures were introduced from 2018 in the country, in order to stopover the spread of disease, including adoption of Decree #16 “on Preventive Activities Against the Massive Spread of Measles” by the Government of Georgia on January 18, 2019, the main aim of which was to promote unplanned vaccination of non-immunized persons - on one hand and increase the coverage of planned vaccination of persons of defined age groups (according to the vaccination calendar) – on another hand. Other important measures for effective fighting against the disease have been also implemented.



  • Measles can kill!


  • The single effective measure against the measles is vaccination.

  • State provides free vaccination of population against measles


  • The greatest number of measles cases are detected in 20-40 age group, which means that they have not been vaccinated in their life-course, that threatens both the health and the lives of their own and family members!


  • The spread of disease is highest in children up to 1 year old. This age group is most vulnerable in the view of measles complications. Protect 0-1 years old children is possible only when there is high immunization coverage in general population (so called collective immunization), which will stop the spread of disease


  • If you intend to save 0-1 age group children’s life and health, it is essential for their parents, relatives, medical practitioners, neighbors and general society to feel civil responsibility and vaccinate themselves

  • Measles cases is great in 1-4 unvaccinated children. Check your child’s immunization status and vaccinate with MMR vaccine

  • Check your and your children's vaccination status and if you are not at least once vaccinated against measles, and your children were not vaccinated when being 1 year and 5 years old - immediately refer your family doctor for vaccination

  • Great majority of adult population is unaware about their immunization status and if they have been vaccinated at least once in their life-course


  • Measles is especially dangerous in pregnancy. Protect yourself and surrounding you future mothers from this disease. Remember:  Vaccination against measles is prohibited in pregnancy, that minimal interval between vaccination and pregnancy should be 3 months


  • In order to create immune layer in society it is essential that besides the children, the adult population be vaccinated at least once with vaccine containing measles component