Supportive Immunization Activities against the Measles outbreak


Project title: "Supportive Immunization Activities against the Measles outbreak”, as of the Decree of Government of Georgia (#1008, 30.07.2013), WHO; Project duration: 07.10.2013 – 31.01.2014.

Project Summary

a) Goals:
• Carry out trainings/communication meetings for medical staff on estimation of target population for MMR vaccine administration, Measles prevention and other issues.
• Determine (Qualitative and quantitative) compliance of target population, required number of vaccines, syringes and safety boxes;
• Monitoring the cold chain system, including the monitoring adverse events following immunization (AEFI); 
• Conduct Supportive Supervision Activities in target Primary Health care facilities;
• Create mobile outreach teams for remote territories and in case of shortage of medical personnel and provide technical support;
• Provide communication meetings with local government and representatives of education system, to comply with the Government decree about the measures to prevent the mass spread of measles;
b) Activities : Eight national curators carried out Supportive Supervision visits in 64 target districts for 24 working days. Total 192 visits were performed. 
c) Expected results: Improve vaccination coverage against Measles and prevent measles outbreak.