Project Title: “Cancer Registry System Development”. UNFPA, 01.03.2018 -31.12.2018


Project Title: “Cancer Registry System Development”.  UNFPA, 01.03.2018 -31.12.2018

Project Summary

a).Project Objectives:

The purpose of developing unified Cancer Registry is to create comprehensive system that registers information from screening stage to following monitoring and treatment processes. The aim is to collect all existing information together which is scattered in different electronic platforms and gather them into the one unified electronic system and permit authorized users access to information.

The system should be a platform for systemic collection, storage and analysis of oncological data, which will play an important role in accurate data collection process of cancer incidence and prevalence, also regarding implementation and evaluation of effectiveness of cancer screening and other preventive measures and for defining cancer policies. To have complete system and to ensure complete picture, new Unified Cancer Registry will have linkage with morbidity registry database and other e health databases.

b.Project Implementation:

Existing variables which is collected in Tbilisi Screening Center software are fully considered and implemented into the new system. Recommendations from international experts are still subject of discussion to adapt them with Georgian reality. Suggestions has been received from subject experts regarding cervical cancer screening and will be implied into the system.  

With close collaboration of National Screening Center representatives, subject experts and professionals it is expected to work on data standardization and minimize free textboxes, which later provides precise and clean data and accordingly productive data analysis.

Creating database is the next stage and database will be modified as soon as the interface structure would be completed.

Analytical tool is very last part of the system, which will be developed after fulfilling interface and database works. Recommendations from international experts are expected to receive some guidance and recommendations regarding analytical tool and reports.

c).Expected Results

Georgia is planning to get system ready the end of 2018 and start collection data countrywide from 2019. System ongoing support will be needed during 2019 & 2020 to modify system per policy need and also to ensure data quality.

 Besides, abovementioned issues there is necessity of involvement institutions in the process for joint work to estimate data quality and perform different type of analytical work also to create platform for future studies and create human capacity in the country.